What Are Social-Impact Books?

Our goal is to get more social-impact books out into the world. But what exactly do we mean by “social-impact books”? Here are the three types from our perspective:

  1. Books that tell the stories behind social entrepreneurs or social enterprises
  2. Books that express thought leadership, guidance, and advice from social entrepreneurs
  3. Books that aren’t about the social enterprises or social entrepreneurs themselves, but that directly benefit social enterprises through proceeds from the book — sales, royalties, sponsorships, partnerships, etc.

(And though our focus is social entrepreneurship, these all could apply as well to certain nonprofits, NGOs, charities, foundations, and causes.)

Our publishing priorities are in that order above, but we hope to encourage the publication of all of these types of books by other publishers, authors, and organizations through our services, presentations, and educational efforts.

There are many excellent books that address the technical aspects of social entrepreneurship, but too few that tell the stories behind the visionaries and ventures.

And while there are many great online publications telling these stories, like Tilt Magazine and Causeartist, we believe in the value of a book. Books are clearly not going away (heard of Amazon?), because there’s a lot to embrace in the deeper dive of a long-form narrative. Not only that, physical books serve as a very tangible form of connection in an overwhelmingly digital world — conveying a sense of permanence and value that digital media cannot. For this reason, books make an excellent vehicle to raise awareness and money for social-impact organizations, whether for-profit or non-profit.

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